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Antoinette Banks

     Antoinette is a Hip Hop veteran, current lyrists, mother, mentor, inspirational speaker, accountant and leader. During her journey in this thing called life, Antoinette has been her biggest asset to success and at times her own worst enemy. A woman of many facets, Antoinette has encompassed the essence of the term, “A diamond in the rough,” as she has been formed by the pressure of situations and circumstances she has endured.

Her career has spanned from the music industry to the board room. Having a passion for writing and music, she began her journey as solo hip hop artist. Her most notable single, “I Got An Attitude” ignited emotions and brought comparisons to her male counterparts, becoming one of the first female rappers to break down barriers in the male dominated industry.

     After walking away from music, Antoinette focused on her family while she explored her other dreams and aspirations. Her passion was medicine but life happened and she discovered a comfort in numbers. She began her career as an accountant after being recruited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers once graduating from college. As an accountant she has excelled with responsibilities spanning from audit, tax, financial reporting and business management. Antoinette spent several years servicing a portfolio of entertainment and media entities with assets of more than $12 billion and currently leads the Financial Reporting & Research department at a New York State utility.

     Recognizing that what shaped her was not her success but the struggles of her trials and tribulations, Antoinette is fearless of being transparent, sharing her life story in her memoir, “All That Glitters,” which she now uses as a catalyst to help others in their journey. Antoinette has volunteered her time to speak with organizations such as Junior Achievement, Boys and Girls Clubs of America as well as various substance abuse treatment facilities and half way houses. She served as chairwoman of S.I.S. an organization established with a mission to help women learn their worth and walk in their purpose. 


     Antoinette is a woman on a mission, one who does not profess to know it all but refuses to no longer merely exist but to LIVE. Through her “Evolution” empowerment initiatives, her goal is to help others do the same.

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